A Level English Lit And Lang Coursework

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Section B –Prose Fiction and Other Genres: One comparative essay question on one prose fiction anchor text and one other text from the theme (Angela Carter The Bloody Chamber).

We're really pleased to say that this course had 100% pass rate in 2018.

The English language of today is a collage of many languages, due to influences from foreign invasions, mercantile trade, colonization, and the rapid spread of technology in the 20th and 21st centuries, and other factors.

Studying the roots and origins of any particular piece of “English literature” can lead students and researchers in many different historical and cultural directions.

For some people, earning a graduate degree opens up new professional or academic opportunities; for others, it is a personal measure of achievement.

Likewise, each person has their own reasons for wanting to study language and literature specifically.

As Tolkien lamented in this address, far too many graduate degree programs have separated the study of language (historically known as “philology” – love of words) from the study of literature.

However, language and literature are inextricably linked: Literature cannot exist without language; likewise, language is influenced and shaped by literature.

Section A – Unseen Prose Non-fiction Texts: one essay question on an unseen prose non-fiction extract.

The unseen extract is linked to the studied theme (Encounters).


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