Accenture Case Study Questions

As you can guess the company was having some problems.

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I didn’t not get into the mathematics, and asked basic questions about the motive of the magician. I also listed down the questions related to mathematics on a piece of paper Interview Experience I had done a 6 month internship in Logistics department of Skoda. Basically he wanted to check how many areas of logistics I touched upon and how could cost be reduced in each. Consulting interviews are basically about having a wholesome conversation with the interviewer. Interview Experience Some discussion on the “Digital” focus area of Accenture.

The more comfortable you are higher are your chances of selection. I asked the interviewer about his experience at operations projects at the company.

Be confident throughout the process and involve the interviewers.

Research on the various divisions of Accenture and the kind of projects taken up by those divisions Know your CV well Preparation of HR answers is crucial Interview Experience Interview started with HR, and went straightway to a case from the FMCG sector. The company’s profit margin had to be compared to the industry average and some knowledge of various ratios of this industry, helped give valuable insights Interview Experience For the case, He had made a confusing diagram.

Interview Experience The following questions were written on the case sheet: Q1- How would you price the garbage to make a profit?

(what would be your strategy) Q2- What information would you need to proceed in the case, prioritize your the numbers tend to support that they aren’t the Business Class airline of choice) The company had an online reservation system, but it was old, manual and difficult to use i.e. The new CEO comes from a hotel and hospitality background and has no experience of airlines. Hope this is useful, please feel free to ask me any questions and I will do my best to answer them. I have read that there are 4 solution cards given per function - Strategy, Operations, People & Management, Technology, in the group discussion exercise.The Case Study facilitator then asked several Management Consultancy type questions, such as; What would you do if you were brought as a consultant to advise the company? How would you ensure that the concerns of the employees are addressed? Based on the solution chosen, one must plan the entire project for 12 months and must explain the rational for this in the project planning exercise.How would you ensure that your brand isn’t damaged? Would it be possible for you to explain further about how this whole procedure really worked (if it really happened that way), it is a bit confusing.Also, if you can give a brief summary about your answer for the case study. Brit Air is seen as a market leader in the industry and pride themselves on quality, whilst other airlines (think Ryan AIr) are competing on price and trying to make profit on volumes.Brit Air are are particularly strong in the Business Travelers sector. I interviewed at Accenture (Tokyo (Japan)) in June 2016.Afterwards, she asked me a few questions about my work experiences and what I wanted to do at Accenture. On the day of the case study I got 10 mins to read it (all the info is on one page) and we spent about 30 mins discussing it.The business case study was about an international airline and was loosely based on BA.


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