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«Education prepares the society for the initial cultural stock inherent in determined plans of modernization».

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Let us first make a look to our previous researchers as well as educators in defining education. THE MEANING OF EDUCATION Webster defines educationis further defined as «to develop the knowledge, skill, or character of an individual» Thus, from these definitions, we might assume that the purpose of education is to develop the knowledge, skill, or character of students. Is it a body of information that exists «out there»--apart from the human thought processes that developed it?

Unfortunately, this definition offers little unless we further define words such as develop, knowledge, and character. If we look at the standards and benchmarks developed by many states--or at E. Hirsch's list of information needed for Cultural Literacy we might assume this definition of knowledge to be correct.

However, there is considerable research leading others to believe that knowledge arises in the mind of an individual when that person interacts with an idea or experience.

Many philosophers of different centuries had been continuing to outline their thoughts corresponding to the meaning and definition of education.

He has to be taught to think, to understand, to integrate, to prove.

He has to be taught the essentials of the knowledge discovered in the past-and he has to be equipped to acquire further knowledge by his own effort.» ~Ayn Rand «The aim of education should be to teach us rather how to think, than what to think--rather to improve our minds, so as to enable us to think for ourselves, than to load the memory with the thoughts of other men.» ~Bill Beattie 1.3.

The field of education has not been put apart, by observing only in different schools, colleges and universities as well, the technological use has been being a must wherever the continents of the world.

Acronyms and abbreviations xvii ABSTRACT We are living a technology lead society in different sections of our daily life.

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I, Francois UWIZEYIMANA, hereby declare that all the work presented in this project'' ON MOBILE LEARNING CONTRIBUTION ON COLLEGE STUDENTS ASSIGNMENTS WITH FACULTY SUPPORT, submitted to PRIST University , Thanjavur, for the award of the degree of Master of philosophy in education by research is an original record of research work carried out by me. My sincere thanks go to both staff members and students of Prist University who have so much contributed in data collection It is a real pleasure that I record my deep sense of gratitude and indebt ness to my esteemed and beloved guider Prof. The full project is composed by five chapters such as introduction, related literature review; methodology used analysis and interpretation, finally findings and conclusions.


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