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"(i) Authors can share their preprint anywhere at any time.

"(i) Authors can share their preprint anywhere at any time.

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"Prior to acceptance for publication in the journal, authors retain the right to make their original version of the article available on their own personal website and/or that of their employer and/or in free public servers of original version articles in their subject area, provided that, upon acceptance, they acknowledge that the article has been accepted for publication as follows: This article has been accepted for publication in [Journal Title] Published by Oxford University Press." "The ASN journals will allow the submission of the Author’s Original Version (AOV) of a manuscript that has been previously posted on preprint servers." ...

" 1) Upon first submission to an ASN journal, the author must inform the journal via the cover letter that the manuscript has been posted to a preprint server and provide the name of the preprint server, the copyright licence under which the manuscript is posted, and a link to the AOV; 2) No additional versions of the manuscript may be posted to preprint servers at any time after initial submission to an ASN journal; 3) the copyright terms of the AOV must not be changed after submission of the manuscript to an ASN journal ; 4) An AOV DOI must be assigned to the AOV.

When submitting a manuscript for review, authors need to disclose preprints, databases, proceedings, or other preliminary communications or depositories.

However, abstracts, conferences, or personal communications need not be disclosed.

Upon acceptance a DOI will be assigned to the AOV by Oxford University Press and it is the author’s responsibility to update the AOV on any pre-print servers with this DOI;5) Once the article has been published in its final form on the journal website, the preprint server on which the AOV is hosted must link to the article on the journal’s website (the link should appear as follows: This article has been accepted for publication in [Journal Title] Published by Oxford University Press.);" "If the AOV is posted to a preprint server under an open access license, publication of the article in the ASN journal must also be under the same type of open access license, and the author must agree to pay the journal’s open access fee." "Yes.

The IEEE recognizes that many authors share their unpublished manuscripts on public sites.

Authors should include a link to the preprint in their manuscript and cover letter and update the preprint with a link to the final published version.

Work that has been previously published, or is under consideration for publication in another journal, will not be considered." All four EMBO Press journals share the same policy: "All EMBO Press journals encourage prior publication on recognized non-peer-reviewed, community preprint servers such as ar Xiv and bio Rxiv for commenting by other scientists before - or in parallel with - formal submission to the journal.

This prior disclosure does not constitute prior publication." From the submission FAQ: "ASM journals will consider for publication manuscripts that have been posted in a recognized not-for-profit preprint archive, providing that upon acceptance of the manuscript for publication the author is still able to grant ASM copyright or agree to the terms of an Open Access license and pay the associated fee." From Author Center: "All ASCO journals will consider publication of manuscripts that contain information previously posted on preprint servers.

Perprint information must be disclosed at submission so reviewers and editors can evaluate the preprinted information and compare it with the submitted manuscript." From the About site: "Manuscripts that have been deposited in a non-commercial preprint repository (e.g., ar Xiv, bio Rxiv), or the author’s university repository will be considered for publication in the journal.


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