Advantages Of Single Sex Education Essay

In the article ‘What are the advantages of single sex schooling’ by Robert Kennedy, the author wrote, children are subjected to becoming adults before they’re ready to become.Which don’t most parents want their kids to become more adultish before they’re ready to and become more mature more sooner than later in life.Although some of the single gender schooling is a good thing.

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Some parents and others may argue that single gender schooling helps with grades.

In the past it used to be single gender schooling and not pairing kids with the opposite gender.

It turns out that single gender schooling will lead to gender stereotyping.

Which proves that single gender schooling does not improve help with decreasing gender stereotypes.

Both of the articles go up against Single gender schooling and show why single gender schooling is bad for kids.

In the article ‘Coed versus single-sex schooling’ the author says “What are we doing right now pretending that gender does not matter,” (page one).

So just think do you want to increase gender stereotypes?

In the articles single sex education is assailed in report written by By TAMAR LEWIN and in the article coed versus single sex education By Amy Novotney.

It also says single sex schools reinforces sex stereotypes.

The article also said that “when you’re talking about separating students treating them differently, you want to do it in a way that’s constitutional, and you want to make sure there is adequate justification.


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