Air Force Special Duty Assignments

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We’re intentionally putting this into action now to ensure availability during our upcoming 2018 summer cycle moves.” AFPC officer assignment teams have begun updating assignments for the summer assignment cycle.

The assignment update for the enlisted assignment cycle will occur on Jan. The advance notification only applies to the initial assignment.

"Making Marines, training Marines, guarding our embassies and protecting the nuclear stockpile, these are fundamental Title 10 [U. Eligible Marines who step up will be given assignment preference once the normal selection process begins in January, according to Col.

"Because of that, the promotion opportunities for those that are either currently serving or have served in special duty assignments, those Marines get promoted at a faster rate than their peers do not." "After a period of some twelve years of combat operations, we have an entire generation of Marines who are not familiar with special duty assignments, who do not understand or consider special duty assignments as a necessary component of what we would consider to be a successful career." This means a greater emphasis on getting the right Marines in the right positions, and this year manpower officials are trying something new.

Kelly advised the commander advance notification is not the same as the official assignment notification.

Official assignment notification occurs on day eight when the Airman receives the notification email, logs into virtual MPF and acknowledges receipt.SDAs give Marines experience outside their MOS at the heart of the Corps' mission: bringing fresh bodies into the fold as a recruiter, forging them into new Marines as a drill instructor, wading through the muck as a combat instructor to teach them the skills they'll need to stay alive, keeping watch as a Marine security guard over America's embassies in distant lands, or deploying at a moment's notice to engage the enemy with your anti-terrorism security team as a security forces security guard. In August, M&RA announced a voluntary submission period for Marines to put in for an SDA by Dec.These are some of the Corps' most demanding jobs, ones that will define the rest of Marines' careers. 15, d etailed in Marine administrative message 415/16.“The advance notification will give commanders an opportunity to notify their Airmen of the assignment, either directly or through a delegated subordinate. The seven-day window also allows for discussion of the Airman’s professional development path and the assignment timing for their family.It also provides an opportunity to discuss the pros and cons of the assignment, ultimately giving commanders additional mentoring opportunities,” said Maj. Additionally, the new step permits delivery of the assignment notification face-to-face versus computer and ensures the commander has full awareness. The AFSDR may be awarded to members of the other Services after successful completion of a qualifying special duty assignment. Nominations will be submitted on the AF Form 104 and verified by the commander, to the servicing military personnel flight. I don’t think the new ribbon carries any points towards promotion with it, so what real value does it provide the enlisted member? Commanders may grant waivers to the tour length requirement if an individual cannot complete the tour for a valid reason. On the heels of the new nuclear operations ribbon, are ribbons becoming a quick fix to demonstrate leadership is attempting to address problems?Hello everyone, Just curious to see if anyone has more concrete answers than what I'm receiving here. I'm a flightline maintainer, have been to 3 bases, worked 3 platforms, and have never not been on the line the last 8 years (not even tool room).As you can imagine, it gets tiresome, and while I PCSed almost 2 years ago I've been trying to find some way to improve myself, my career, and myself, while staying in. Commanders may withdraw authorization to wear the ribbon for those Airmen who are eliminated from the special duty assignment for disciplinary reasons. Completion of Recruiting duties on/after 4 September 2014 will be recognized with an Air Force Special Duty Ribbon. The navy has their own version, about 12 years ago the Marines approved seperate ribbons for Drill Instructors, Marine Security Guards and Recruiters and just approved one for Combat training instructors; I don't know if the Army. At first glance I thought this was a solution looking for a problem, but it appears this is replacing existing ribbons and now includes additional special duty assignments. An Oak Leaf Cluster is awarded for successful completion of additional or consecutive special duty assignments. Graduates of the MTI School on/after 4 September 2014 will be recognized with an Air Force Special Duty Ribbon upon successful completion of a tour of duty as an MTI. These members may be authorized permanent wear of the AFBMTIR. The Air Force Recruiter Ribbon was established to recognize officer (83R0) and enlisted (8R000) personnel who perform the challenging duty of Air Force Recruiting from 21 June 2000 to 3 September 2014. Effective 4 September 2014, the AFRR is no longer authorized to be awarded. The 36-month tour length requirement for the AFRR is waived for members who served at least 24 months in a recruiting duty on 3 September 2014. The people that run the awards/dec program have lost their effin minds, again...


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