Alexander Graham Bell Telephone Invention Essay

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Later in his career Bell has worked on a variety of inventions and all inventions have become successful.

Bell experimented with electrically reproducing sounds. Much of Bell's career was devoted to education of the deaf and to production of electronic devices to help He adopted the name Graham at the age of 11 when he met a family friend from Cuba with the name Graham.

First and foremost, Alexander Graham Bell was a prolific teacher of the deaf.

This is what he considered to be his true life’s work, but only one of the many important things he did.

He wants to improve whatever he sees, he wants to benefit the world.” suits him well. Watson became Bell’s indispensable assistant, bringing to Bell’s experiments the crucial ingredient that had been lacking, his technical expertise in electrical engineering.

Together the two men spent endless hours experimenting (Paschoff 43,44).

"Ow ah oo ga ma ma," but Alexander's imaginative ears swore he heard the dog say, "How are you grandmamma?

" To create the sound Alexander moved the dog's voice box around to cause vibrations, which make the speaking-like sounds with the movement of the jaw.

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