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To solve problems with percent we use the percent proportion shown in "Proportions and percent".$$\frac=\frac$$ $$\frac\cdot =\frac\cdot b$$ $$a=\frac\cdot b$$ x/100 is called the rate.In order to familiarize students with these kinds of problems, teachers include word problems in their math curriculum.

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Then, we need to solve the equation(s) to find the solution(s) to the word problems.

Translating words to equations How to recognize some common types of algebra word problems and how to solve them step by step: Age Problems usually compare the ages of people.

Solving Algebra word problems is useful in helping you to solve earthly problems.

While the 5 steps of Algebra problem solving are listed below, this article will focus on the first step, Identify the problem.

Back away from the calculator; use your brain first.

Your mind analyzes, plans, and guides in the labyrinthine quest for the solution.

Solving word problems is an art of transforming the words and sentences into mathematical expressions and then applying conventional algebraic techniques to solve the problem.

Click "Show Answer" underneath the problem to see the answer.

They may involve a single person, comparing his/her age in the past, present or future.

They may also compare the ages involving more than one person.


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