America Essay In Racism

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They should know what they want, who they want to be without judgement.

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In the post-Civil Rights era following the Federal legislation of the 1960s, the Federal government has persisted in taking no responsibility for creating the segregated America that we now live in.

The official line is that the segregation is the result of natural forces of selection and not the structures of segregation built into housing construction and the real estate industry.

There are so many other celebrities that deal with this problem.

Recently my grandfather, on my dads side, passed away but when he was alive he would make racist remarks because he was raised a certain way.

And even in using this word “white” we encounter the shifting sands of racism in American history.

Just a hundred years ago many of the people who now identify as white were not considered white by the ruling white elite.The latter, racism against African-Americans, continues to be pervasively present in many ways into the present. White supremacist ideology was present from the very earliest foundations of the country, embedded in our founding documents and governmental institutions and continues to this day in a multitude of manifestations.Much of our history revolves around the unresolved issues that flow from white supremacy.Instead of implementing land reform that would have given former slaves the means to earn their own living northern whites caved into the very southern whites who had revolted against the country.They allowed the southern plantation class to retain ownership of the land, the land cleared and made productive by slaves.We are here for a reason because our ancestors wanted a new opportunity and a better life. People are judged for simple things like race, or religion.Throughout history, people set out for the Americas seeking a fresh start.Northern liberal Democrats caved into the political expediency of their generation.Every major piece of social legislation sustained and reinforced the Jim Crow system of segregation and oppression of African Americans.This made me feel disappointed in my grandfather because Mr. Obama worked hard, saved his money, his family supported him through thick and thin, and he got elected to be our president. But the world has changed very much from when people of color were disgraced.


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