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But3.5Two things I know about Anna Quindlen: She is an opinionated New York liberal / feminist.

But she patiently reads us her op-eds with calm and assurance -- occasionally preachy, some might say -- but usually just very heart felt.

In this remarkable book, Anna Quindlen, one of America’s favorite novelists and a Pulitzer Prize– winning columnist, once again gives us wisdom, opinions, insights, and reflections about current events and modern life.

“Always insightful, rooted in everyday experience and common sense...

She says too that The great issues are the same as they were when 15 year old Anne Frank ...

wrote in her shabby plaid diary...." Seems change is hard to come by.

With her trademark insight and her special ability to convey the impact public events have on ordinary lives, Quindlen here combines commentary on American society and the world at large with reflections on being a woman, a writer, and a mother.

In these pieces, first written for Newsweek and The New York Times, Loud and Clear takes on topics ranging from social change to raising children, from the political and emotional aftermath of September 11 to personal values, from the impact on individuals of global events to the growth that can be gained by spending summer days staring into the middle distance.

Maybe that's what started my habit of reading magazines from the back to the front.

I am not saying I agree with all her opinions, or to the same extent.


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