Anorexia Research Paper Introduction

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Although both types areserious, the bulimic type, which imposes additional stress on an unnourishedbody, is the more damaging. It is estimated that 8 million Americans suffer from eating disorders,approximately 7 million women and 1 million men. One study reported that two thirds of high schoolstudents were on diets, although only 20% were actually overweight. Bulimia has increased at a greaterrate than anorexia over the past several years.

Some experts claim this problemis underestimated because many people with bulimia are able to conceal theirpurging and do not become noticeably underweight.

Afterbinges these women purge by vomiting or taking laxatives, diet pills, or drugsto reduce fluids.

Women may attempt severe dieting, which cycles back tobingeing; otherwise the bulimic becomes anorexic.

The term body image refers to theaffective component of body image or the feelings one has about ones body.

Research on body esteem is important because low body esteem has been associatedwith vulnerability to depression, anxiety, and low self esteem, which allcontribute to eating disorders (Calhoun & Henriques, 357).

A report concluded that 80% offemale college students have binged. Researchers found that white women are more prone to eating disorders.

Whitewomen are more concerned about their bodies and eating habits.

Young girls have a tendency to lookup to famous women as role models.

Since women in America have a view that to bebeautiful one must be skeletal, there is a rise in eating disorders, likeanorexia and bulimia because women feel that they are never skinny enough.


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