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Margaret Sanger explains: “Birth control, which has been criticized as being negative and destructive, is really the biggest and authentic method of eugenics and its integration Eugenics program provides an immediate concrete and realistic power to that science.

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According to the movie, the legalization of abortion was motivated by “eugenics White, Sanger, a feminist icon, whose motive was to destroy black America.

Apologists of abortion will say that is because they want to serve the poor.

America has long experimented with the notions of eugenics while the institutionalization of slavery, decline of enfranchisement for women, and the slaughter of Native Americans was its powerful outcome.

The underlying motive always lied in the superiority complex of the White Americans who strongly advocated such ideas.

As in the Weimar Republic, social workers and managers of Public Health were concerned about reducing the cost of protection social and racial hygiene specialists had their eyes turned to the sterilization measures practiced in several states of North America to reduce the cost of "deficient." The reference to the United States comes as the first country to institutionalize forced sterilization, a country that bristles with all medical theories of the time. Ellinger, who compared the persecution of Jews with the brutal mistreatment of blacks in the United States.

One explanation often given to explain the status enjoyed by pioneering American eugenics was the presence of blacks, which would have forced an early white population to use a systematic program to improve the race.(Ewen, 2006)The same explanation was advanced later by American apologists of the Nazi regime as geneticist T. The doctrine of eugenics Francis Galton gave birth to a fashionable theory at the beginning of the century, in the years 1920 to 1940.There were eighteen so-called “solutions” chalked out, including geographical isolation, forced sterilization, and euthanasia.In the 1920s and 30s, various states decreed against interracial marriage and ensured the implementation of state-legislated policies regarding compulsory sterilization.We also learn that the first anti-abortion groups in America were radical groups for civil rights in the 1960s, whose leaders had seen that eugenics and genocide black were the driving forces behind the call for the legalization of abortion.(Henslin, 2009)Some people are surprised to know the many links between a number of U. abortion, “family planning”, which is its founder Margaret Sanger and the eugenics movement in the U. Sanger gave a speech to a chapter of the Ku Klux Klan and was later invited back to speak to 12 “similar groups” as she wrote in her autobiography.With a montage of documents, Maafa 21 revealed to the public across America that the real motivation behind the legalization of abortion was eugenics and racial genocide.The documentary, two-hour shows that the legalization of abortion was part of a campaign that was created, promoted and financed by a small group of elites.For 40 years, it has been said that the legalization of abortion is done in the name of “reproductive freedom”, the “right of women”, a “free choice”.However, a new documentation states that this rhetoric hides a grim agenda.The charity will only prolong the misery of the unfit “(1922).”No woman and no man shall have the right to become parents without a permit of kinship “(David, 2002).More births and less able people in the society were almost unacceptable.


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