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For more information, visit the U of MN Gold Humanism Honor Society website and the national site of The Arnold P. To recognize excellence and achievement, numerous honors and awards are made possible each year by the University of Minnesota Foundation (UMF) and its donors.For further information contact Austin Calhoun, [email protected] awards are administered through the Medical School while others are determined by departments or other academic units.

The chapter at the University of Minnesota elects members from the Junior and Senior classes each year.

The number of students elected to AOA is up to one sixth of the graduating class.

Writing instruction may often overwhelm these students in high school and college since writing-intensive classes are seeking a complex behavior (not factual knowledge but process) as well as asking students to behave in many new ways.

Here, then, I have circled back to why writing-intensive courses are so challenging for teachers since to be effective we must address all of the challenges facing students.

It is also a way for medical students to distinguish themselves in medical school.

The selection criteria is as follows: The Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS) honors senior medical students who "demonstrate excellence in clinical care, leadership, compassion and dedication to service." The Society was founded to elevate the values of humanism and professionalism within the field of medicine and its constituent institutions.Ultimately, then, writing-intensive courses that require and allow students to submit multiple drafts have different expectations for student behavior throughout the course but also in terms of how that student is graded.Those different expectations (and thus different student behavior) include the following: Writing-intensive courses where students are learning to write and not just being assigned essays are also demanding because many times students must rethink their behaviors, less like traditional students and more like writers.However, we less often acknowledge that writing-intensive courses that require students to participate in workshop environments, submit multiple drafts of major writing assignments, and navigate different expectations for student behavior and assessment are also challenging and even paralyzing for students.Both assessment elements grounded in process and product as well as the structures of the workshop approach present students with expectations unlike traditional courses driven by tests and transmissional classroom structures (lecture, discussion).Selection is made from those students in the top quartile of the class in academic standing; one-third are elected in the junior year and the remainder in the senior year.Alpha Omega Alpha is an honor that accompanies a physician throughout his or her lifetime.The final membership list is confirmed by a faculty and administration selection committee that also ensures adequate representation from all medical school programs, including those on the Duluth campus for years 1 and 2.GHHS arranges many humanistic events during their year of service including a retreat held annually the day before Match Day for all MS4s.The Society is fast becoming integrated into our educational environment.Students are admitted into GHHS based on responses to a peer nomination survey toward the end of their third year of medical school.


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