Ap Bio Essay Question 1995

In the quaternary structure, there is a particular shape of a complex, aggregate protein, defined by the characteristics three dimensional arrangement of its constituent subunits, each a polypetide.

In Interphase the nucleus starts to uncoil and the nuclear membrane is still intact.

In Prophase the nuclear membrane and nucleolus are no longer visible and the spindle fibers move to the opposite side of the cell.

In Metaphase, the sister chromatids line up in the middle of the spindle fibers.

In Anaphase, the centromeres separate and the chromosomes move to the opposite side of the pole. In G2, the DNA synthesize and it reproduces organelles.

Although it has two types of proteins the intergral protein has the more important role. In conclusion this information shows the importance of phospholipids and proteins of the cell membrane.

Since the laboratory assistant didn’t label that solution’s correctly it would be more difficult to find out which ones contain a certain amount of sucrose.

In the secondary structure, there is a localized, repetitive coiling or folding of the polypetide backbone of a protein due to hydrogen bond formation between constituents of the backbone.

In the tertiary structure, there are irregular contortions of a protein molecule due to interactions of side chains involved in hydrophobic interactions, ionic bonds, hydrogen bonds, and disulfide bridges.

Therefore, phospholipids makes the cell membrane structure sturdy and supportive.

B) Proteins are essential to the components of the cell membrane.


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