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Chances are the readings will either be the items mentioned in the new curriculum, or other authors writing about them.Perhaps you could encounter a secondary source that analyzes the impact of Common Sense.Although this can seem overwhelming, there are tips you can use to successfully navigate these new questions. Many multiple-choice answers will be stated in the new curriculum.

Short Answer Questions Short Answer questions are a new part of the exam and count for 20% of your total score.

Every Short Answer question will have three parts to answer.

After reading both documents, you could be asked to: summarize the differences between the points of view of the authors (a) – please make sure you specifically state how the authors views are DIFFERENT, provide one piece of historical evidence that supports one author (b), and provide one piece of historical evidence that supports the other author (c).

With all Short Answer Questions, please pay special attention to the dates.

Knowing the definitions of the following terms will greatly help you.

Plus, if you can incorporate them into Short Answer Questions or Essays, they will strengthen your writing!Furthermore, make sure you label your answers a, b, and c.Short Answer Type #1: No documents This type of Short Answer will have three different tasks related to a similar theme.The correct answer is c) since that was NOT a reason for the patriot victory, but an advantage by Great Britain Tip #2: If a document is in the new curriculum, read at least a portion of it and be able to explain its message.For example, Thomas Paine’s Common Sense is specifically mentioned in the new curriculum.You do NOT need to memorize the entire writing to do understand its importance.Be familiar with a couple passages and be able to recognize the main argument.Don’t worry, will walk you through everything in order to prepare for the exam. Part I: What to Study The Content In addition to your textbook, review videos, and class notes, study the released curriculum by the College Board. Within each time period, several historical events, people, terms, and concepts are listed.PLEASE BE AN EXPERT ON THESE TOPICS AS YOU ARE EXPECTED TO KNOW THEM IN DETAIL. There are few exams that will be as challenging in high school as the AP US History Exam.Add in the fact that the curriculum has changed and the exam is brand new, the course can seem very overwhelming.


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