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Supported by President Theodore Roosevelt, progressive reformers, like the Populists, sought to strengthen railroad regulation and both enforce and further strengthen the antitrust laws.

In 1902, President Roosevelt not only forced mine owners to submit to arbitration to settle a nationwide coal strike, he also asked his attorney general to file an antitrust suit against the Northern Securities Company, a large railroad holding company.

The multiple choice questions cover American History from just before European contact with Native Americans to the present day.

Moreover, section I, part B includes three short-answer questions.

You can do this by making bullet points or, to get the test day experience, time yourself for 35 minutes and write!

After the question, there are two sample essays that would receive a perfect scores.

After the Supreme Court upheld a lower court decision to break up the Northern Securities Company in 1904, Roosevelt went on to strengthen the Interstate Commerce Commission’s ability to regulate railroad rates by pushing the Hepburn Act through Congress in 1906.

A few years later, another progressive reformer, Woodrow Wilson, succeeded to the presidency, and he managed to further strengthen the antitrust laws by pushing the Clayton Antitrust Act through Congress in 1914.

Students are expected to write an essay responding to the prompt in which they utilize the sources in addition to outside information.

Section II, part B, provides three thematic essay prompts.


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