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This process is essential for the survival of the plant.Many membranes allow all or none of the particles of a solution to pass through, only a few allow this selective flow. Middle * The strength of the solution in the test tube * The amount of time the potato was left in the test tube.The membrane inside the cell wall is an example of a semi-permeable membrane.

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Safety Points * Be careful especially with the knives when cutting the beetroot. An alternative route that could be taken is to calculate the beetroots surface area for each sample which could lead to varying the surface area and seeing just how much difference that it makes.

Information used from "Biology 1" by Mary Jones, Richard Fosbery and Dennis Taylor "Biology 2" by D.

This is because the water The potato cells, took in, or gave out the water depending on the concentration of the solution it is surrounded in.

The results were fine and by looking at the mass measured before the experiment, you can see that there is no reading which seems to be out of the line.

Background Information Definition - "the net movement of water molecules from a region of higher water potential to a region of lower water potential along the concentration gradient across a semi-permeable membrane..." Osmosis is a very special example of diffusion.

It is the movement of liquid molecules across or through a barrier.if there is less water in the root cells than in the soil.The water enters the plant root cells by crossing the cell wall.I believe this because apples are fruits, and as such contain more sugars and other solutes that carrots which make them sweet, which reduces the water potential.Null Hypothesis: The water potential of apples and carrots will be the same. Introduction Investigation to determine the water potential of apple tissue and carrot tissue, and how they compare to each other.Introduction: Water potential is the potential energy of water, relative to pure water (one without any impurities, such as ions); it's basically a numeric term that describes the tendency of water to move between two areas - due to mechanics such as osmosis or gravity.The variable that I have decided to vary is the strength of the solution in the beaker.This will enable me to determine the water potential.An example might be the uptake of water by the roots of a plant.The water moves across the barrier if there is less water on the other side, i.e.


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