Assignment On Business Communication

I found intercultural communication is most interesting because it has effective role in the business communication.

Effective and efficient intercultural communication helps to reduce the communication obstacles such as the language barrier, stereotypes from the international business.

In case of cultural convergence, the system helps the employees by providing training and coaching to communicate effectively in the organization and business (Koester and Lustig 2015).

The communication Accommodation theory is the intergroup theory of interpersonal communication.

It helps to increase the efficiency of an employee to communicate properly.

Presently, I feel uneasy to talk with the people of different culture and background.

I identified right personal characteristics that is necessary for the intercultural competent.

I found that to avoid the obstacles and achieve the positivist paradigm, the implementation of communication strategies are necessary it helps to entail the learning recipes and correct the behaviour of the employees to understand the cultures of others.

Positivism helps to retain the knowledge of intercultural communication and constructivism helps to take approaches towards the intercultural communication.

The person needs to have the ability of objectivity to observe the perspectives of others (Martin and Nakayama 2015).


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