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This essay seeks to fill the gap in the literature and make a contribution to the discourse on autoethnographic research.Writing autoethnographically, I share my experience of discovering vile, misogynist, and cruel trolling of autoethnographers and their work on the social media platform Twitter.

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Apparently being a self-absorbed c**t is now academically lauded" [] Journals publishing autoethnographic research are not immune from the Twitter hostility either. It gets over 400 hits in the journal 'Qualitative Inquiry'," exclaims a user in horror. Trolling Finding a consistent definition of trolling is an arduous endeavor.

Another replies (sarcastically I suspect) "That's one of the leading journals that promotes this 'innovative' methodology." Finally, a different user notes that the journal in question is "like a psychiatric ward that academics think is a resort. Am I upset that someone is finding fault with autoethnography? I am not in the slightest bit surprised that criticism of autoethnography exists on Twitter. There is a lack of "clarity and agreement" about what constitutes a troll or trolling behavior (FICHMAN & SANFILIPPO, 2016, p.6).

I reflect on the online hatred I received when I raised the issue publically.

Many of the messages I received focused on my perceived inability to cope with opinions other than my own. Healthy Criticism of Autoethnography: My Response 6.1 "Diddling your pet hamster": The accusation that autoethnographers are narcissists 6.2 "Is it just "stuff that happened to me"?

Hesitating for a moment, I think of the hundreds of autoethnographic articles I have read since my evening in the digital company of ELLIS and BOCHNER. How am I ever going to impart all I have come to know about autoethnography in one short presentation? " , the Power Point retracts and a Word document—filled with text—flies to the fore.

I sigh internally, grateful I had the foresight all those years ago to create what has become my most useful document to date.

I dive into my electronic "draft articles" folder and start scrolling through the article. 27 pages, 94 footnotes, and 50 texts listed in the bibliography. [] The fast-paced changing nature of technologically driven platforms may account for the differences in the way trolling is treated.

Knowing full well it is ridiculous to base an article's merit on the number of footnotes, I push that to one side as I keep counting. In their list of definitions, FICHMAN and SANFILIPPO (2016) reported that Reddit—a website where users engage in numerous discussion boards—had this to say about trolling: "Please remember what trolling is.

"uses deep and careful self-reflection" (ADAMS, HOLMAN JONES & ELLIS, 2015, pp.1-2). Okay, I can use these definitions to help me explain autoethnography to my colleagues. Registered users, of which I am one, create their own usernames that start with the "@" symbol.

I can draw out key themes, like the way autoethnography calls for rich, self-introspection which links the personal to the cultural. Many users remain anonymous, with no reference to their name, or any other identifying feature.


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