Being A Servant Leader Essay

Unilever's brand of conscientious capitalism is hugely successful.The company is a 0 billion dollar empire and its products are used by 2.5 billion people every day.Servant leaders believe that if you create the right values and culture, normal people will do extraordinary things.

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Related: How to Retain Employees Through ' Servant' Leadership What do many successful entrepreneurs in this day and age do? The concept of servant leadership is based on principles that are centuries old.

But the actual term for a leader who upends the power pyramid to put others' needs first was introduced by Robert Greenleaf in his influential 1970 essay "The Servant As Leader" in 1970.

An effective servant leader will have a deep understanding of every aspect of the business, but won't allow himself or herself to be distracted from long-term goals.

Feeling this freedom is also a good sign that you have competent employees whom you can trust.

Any experienced entrepreneur or manager will tell you that as a business grows, one of the biggest challenges is leadership.

That challenge begins the moment you hire your first team member, and the challenge only grows with each addition.

Free food and 18 weeks' paid leave for new parents (male and female) are among the many benefits that CEO Mark Zuckerberg offers employees.

Though servant leadership may appear at first to be an oxymoron, it is a leadership strategy that's been embraced by some of the world's most successful companies.

They care deeply about the welfare of their team members and don't view them simply as cogs in a machine.

Related: Why Leaders Should View Themselves as Servants Servant leaders care passionately about their employees' well-being.


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