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In that setting, if I were to ask you “What is it that matters most to you and why?” How will you leave an impression and state something that does not leave you vulnerable to judgement and makes me say “BULLS**T”?

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Sit on the beach in Goa, open up a Jack Daniels (Or whatever you prefer), GET DRUNK man, and think through the following: If you are not happy with your current role, what is it that you are looking for in your life? What is behind “your first response” And then “What is behind your second response?

” (Try taking it 3-4 stages beyond the first rapid fire round).

This essay prompt requires each individual to have his or her own unique story because of its 'personal nature'. The Co-passenger Effect: Many a times I try to bring in the Co-passenger context while asking you to construct your stories.

When the MBA applicants start sending me their stories, and start sounding politically correct, I try to change context and ask them to imagine that I am a Co-passenger taking a flight with them to Mumbai (Two hours tops), and there is no chance of running into me again.

This is how a correct a top tier business school essay should be written” But you will not be touched and inspired with the story. Try doing this exercise if you want, and see what opens up for you.

In response to the question statement that a top tier business school has posed, think through a one liner that resonates with your life.I do not know how much will you agree with me but I really felt that the prose was shallow for various reasons: A.Actions of the Past did not substantiate the superlative “MOST” of the essay prompt: In order to showcase that infrastructure really mattered to him, the only accomplishment that the MBA applicant used to corroborate the claim was the contribution that came through his role in his organization. Let us assume Jay wants to write an application essay to a top tier business school.Let’s assume the prompt of this essay is ‘What matters most to you and why? Push aside the inevitable anxiety about M7 selectivity rates, ever-higher GMAT scores, and the fierce competition among talented peers. classroom and in the wider community that is so much part of the business school experience. I spend a lot of time at Fortuna Admissions talking to young professionals hoping for a coveted spot at one of the world’s top M. And if doesn’t make the quants among us break into a cold sweat, last year Berkeley Haas debuted a Hemingwayesque prompt that asks you to distill a memorable life experience into a six-word story.This is your chance to step back from the relentless pace of professional commitments and really think about where you would like to see yourself five to ten years from now, what matters most to you, and what you have to offer in both the M. Winning the admissions committee’s favor with your ability to access and express this level of self-awareness requires considerable introspection. For many of them it is like releasing a safety valve of apprehension about their chances of admission, and understanding that their personal stories and unique experiences are as worthy and compelling as any other.I am sure you too are getting the same feeling that I got when I read this theme.Reading something like the second narrative, you will get an internal kick “Oh!In our lives, it is not uncommon for us to get involved in conversations that are politically amazing but there is one corner of yours that says “BULLS**T”!His Second Shot at the Narrative: After the first narrative was shot down, the second story started with how he contributed to the community, taught under-privileged children, helped many people secure jobs by grooming their skill sets, and donated money to many non-profit entities.


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