Bill Of Rights Amendments Essay

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The piece of mind allows me to live a normal life without a fear of having to hide something just because I do not want a person to find it.

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Freedom of speech gives me the protection and security to say whatever my opinions are, regardless of how the president or the governor or anyone thinks.

I am not afraid to speak out against how things are, because thanks to the freedom of speech and the Bill of the Rights I know that I am protected to say my mind.

Another important part of the Bill of Rights is the Fourth Amendment.

This amendment is so crucial in my life, because it protects me from any unlawful search and seizure. While I do not have anything to hide, this amendment affects my life, because I know I can live in piece of mind, where I am not worried about anyone going through any of my personal belongings.

This freedom to live my own life holds immense value to me.

The Bill of Rights gives me the freedom to be myself, without worrying about what the government thinks about it.

This freedom is extended even farther when we as citizens are granted the right to petition and assemble.

These two freedoms are important because if I wanted to, I could organize some event, in order to try to create a change.

Without the need for warrants, a person's body, home, documentation, cars, and other personal belongings could be needlessly taken and scoured.

Few, if any, Americans would be okay with a police officer showing up at his or her door and demanding to look inside for no particular reason.


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