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) Brecht also published his first book of poems, Hauspostille (Domestic Breviary), which won a literary prize.However, even as his literary fame was soaring, Brecht found his interests shifting towards politics.He goes on to describe the overall atmosphere of the production, saying "At the first run through of Baal (and this would be the case in virtually all subsequent Brecht productions) chaos reigned.

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He was an indifferent student, however, and was very nearly expelled from Augsburg Grammar School for taking a dismissive, anti-patriotic tone when given an assignment to write an essay with the title "It is a sweet and honourable thing to die for one's country."In 1917 Brecht enrolled as a medical student at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, where he would attend Arthur Kutscher's theatre seminar.

Although Kutscher had a reputation as something of a theatrical guru, Brecht was unimpressed. The impetuous young Brecht suggested that he himself could write a better play on the same subject.

The new couple also had a daughter, Barbara, who was born shortly after the wedding and who, like Brecht's other daughter, would go on to become an actress (she would also inherit the copyrights to all of Brecht's literary work).

During this period, he also formed an influential writing collective which aspired to create a new theatre for participants rather than for passive audiences.

His books and plays were soon banned in Germany and those who dared stage his plays found their productions unpleasantly interrupted by the police.

The exiled dramatist bounced around from Prague to Vienna to Zurich to the island of Fyn to Finland, where he lived for a while in Villa Marlebäck as a guest of the Finnish author Hella Wuolijoki.

Each day the text would be viewed afresh as Brecht the director denounced (half in jest but half seriously) Brecht the playwright. " he would ask rhetorically, and would scribble new lines, new scenes, new acts and insist these be learned immediately.

So changing would the chameleon be, that Brecht the theorist would openly fight with Brecht the director, Brecht the poet, Brecht the playwright and Brecht the blatant womanizer.

During this period, he wrote his second play, Drums in the Night, which tells the story of a soldier who returns home from the war to find his fiancée engaged to a war profiteer.

This was the first of Brecht's plays to be performed, and his theatrical theories had, apparently, already begun to take shape, for he filled the auditorium with banners instructing the audience not to become too emotionally involved in the proceedings.


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