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If you just don’t like math or working with spreadsheets like Excel, you may want to consider an alternate career choice.But if you’re a creative problem solver, with a natural or cultivated talent for financial analysis, modeling, and forecasting, then becoming a corporate financial analyst may be the perfect career choice for you.We outline the salary, skills, personality, and training you need for FP&A jobs and a successful finance career.

The desire to continually learn is an important personal strength for financial analysts.(Of course, this can potentially lead to problems if an analyst creates overly conservative growth strategies designed primarily to ensure that profit targets are merely hit rather than maximized.)Positions in corporate finance are projected to see annual job growth upwards of 20% through the mid-2020s.To learn more, see our Become an FP&A Analyst at a corporation.The Income Statement is one of a company's core financial statements that shows their profit and loss over a period of time.The profit or loss is determined by taking all revenues and subtracting all expenses from both operating and non-operating activities.FP&A analysts, managers, and directors are responsible for providing executives with the analysis and information they need consider economic and business trends, review past company performance, and attempt to anticipate obstacles and potential problems, all with an eye toward forecasting a company’s future financial results.FP&A professionals oversee a broad array of financial affairs, including income, expenses, taxes, capital expenditures, investments, and The three financial statements are the income statement, the balance sheet, and the statement of cash flows.Entry-level junior analysts command annual salaries in the neighborhood of k.Senior analysts can see a salary up to 0k, usually combined with potential bonuses of 10-15%.A financial planning and analysis manager or director, and the chief financial officer (CFO) at a major, multi-national company typically rake in somewhere between six and seven figures in salary, supplemented with sizable performance bonuses.Compensation in the financial analysis field varies substantially between different industries and companies.


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