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Strategy The art and science of planning and directing large scale operations; a careful plan or method.Business Plan A diagram or scheme detailing the time, attention and labor of people for the purpose of income improvement.Instead, a nonprofit business plan describes how the organization intends to successfully carry out its charitable goals while raising enough funding to support itself.

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The role of this so-called “third sector” of our economy has become a vital part of our national culture.

Non-profits have proven to be effective instruments for addressing social needs outside of government.

A business plan usually runs about 30 to 50 pages in length, but you shouldn’t aim for that many pages if you don’t need them.

If you complete the first draft of your plan and it’s only a few pages, then it likely needs some rethinking.

To perform effectively, however, they must be free to take risks, try new approaches and invest in solutions as they see fit.

This means developing the strategies and skills to build the capacities to serve their communities, to become self-sufficient and to compete for resources needed to achieve their missions.Besides that exception, you should include all the other sections included in a for-profit business plan in your nonprofit’s business plan.Also, keep in mind that you should write your business plan to attract potential partners and donors aligned with the goals of the organization instead of profit-seeking investors.Connect with a SCORE mentor online or in your community today!The Office Depot Foundation supports non-profit organizations around the world, focused on improving the lives of children, building communities and disaster relief. is one of the world's largest sellers of office products and an industry leader in every distribution channel, including stores, direct mail, contract delivery, the Internet and business-to-business electronic commerce.Feasibility Study A practical, reasonable and probable process for closely examining a subject, with the aim of determining how readily it can be performed or executed.Vision An idea or scheme marked by foresight; a mental image, a dream.A vision motivates individuals towards shared long-term goals.Values Standards or principles regarded as desirable or worthwhile; highly thought of, esteemed.As a result, in today’s world, financial self-sufficiency is nothing less than a critical requirement for non-profit organizations and, together with strategic planning and marketing, their highest priority.To secure ongoing resources free from constraints imposed from the outside, non-profits must pursue a long-term planning process and use business tools to assist them.


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