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In addition, I reveal how other dissertators have applied theory successfully and earned their doctorates.Written in a friendly, nonscholarly manner, I demystify the challenges of applying academic theory to a research project.

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I gained a reputation for assigning research papers, even in the general office procedures course. I certainly got a lot of practice editing student papers, at the time not imagining I would one day become a professional academic editor.

In the process of preparing for courses I’d never heard of, I learned a multitude of things.

You will learn that theory is nothing to fear—in fact, we all use theory all the time!

With the help of this powerful little book, you will learn to master theory and achieve your dream of earning your Ph. Print version USD$15.99 Kindle version USD$7.99 Resubmit!

In fact, that teaching job inspired me to enroll in graduate school (and allowed me to pay for it, one course at a time). The career college campus went belly up a few months before I finished my degree.

I blogged about my adventures in dissertation hell.

Teachers in the general education department were more or less interchangeable. The only thing I wasn’t qualified to teach was English, because my degree was in Business Administration.

However, from term to term, I never knew if I would be assigned to teach something I’d never heard of—for instance, once I taught one student a medical office software program (I’ve never worked in a medical office).

After a ten-year career as an instructor at a for-profit career college, I agree with that statement.

I taught courses in marketing, management, public speaking, general office procedures, computer applications such as Word, Excel, Access, Power Point… and on and on, because that is what we did as instructors—we taught what we were assigned to teach.


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