Carbon Emissions Essay

The purpose of the last essay is to examine the long and short-run causality of the share of renewable sources on the environmental relation CO2 per KWh electricity generation- real GDP for 20 European countries over the 2001-2010 periods.

It is important to analyze how the percentage of renewable energy used for electricity production affects the relationship between economic growth and emissions from this sector.

The effect of intensity of emissions is positive on energy intensity, and the effect of energy intensity on emissions intensity is negative.

The percentage of fossil fuels used reacts positively to the economic structure and to carbon intensity, i.

In the first essay, we used the 'complete decomposition' technique to examine CO2 emissions intensity and its components, considering 36 economic sectors and the 1996-2009 periods in Portugal.

The industry (in particular 5 industrial sectors) is contributing largely to the effects of variation of CO2 emissions intensity.Many environmental experts, however, argue that it often saves energy to buy food that is produced naturally in faraway places than consuming food grown locally in greenhouses.In your home you can contribute to saving energy by turning off lights if you don’t need them or by avoiding the use of air conditioners, which contribute a lot to global warming and emit CFCs that destroy the ozone layer.If you use your car see to it that it is maintained correctly and that it does not burn more fuel than it should.Buying local food is also a way of curbing emissions into the atmosphere.You can measure your carbon footprint by using a calculator that you can find on various websites.It shows you in which way your living habits damage the environment.When we use our cars or heat our homes with oil or natural gas, carbon dioxide and various other gases are set free.These emissions lead to a denser atmosphere and global warming.In fourth essay, we conducted an analysis to identify the effects that contribute to the intensity of GHG emissions (EI) in agriculture as well as their development.With that aim, we used the 'complete decomposition' technique in the 1995-2008 periods, for a set of European countries.


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