Cause And Effect Essay On Stress

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If however, the stress becomes overwhelming or if it happens too often, there can be a problem getting back to the normal state and one is no longer able to relax.

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Example, a patient spends more money on treatment, may experience continued stress even after the cure of the disease, because repayment of debt cause stress for long time in him or a patient whose leg is amputated after accident may continue to worry about it.

On the other hand, many people have developed ways of coping with stressors, so that they are able to respond adaptively. Teaching people adaptive ways of handling stress, so as to promote the wellness cycle is an important part of the newly emerging field of behavioural medicine. In fact, it is recognised that low levels of stress can even helps for better performance.

For example, a student can prepare well for forthcoming examination only if he has some stress.

However, excess level of stress is undoubtedly harmful.

On the other hand, psychological responses such as anxiety, hopelessness, depression, irritability, and a general feeling of not being able to cope with the world, can result from the stress state. If the stressors are maintained, long-term behavioural, physiological, emotional and cognitive effects occur.

If these effects hinder adaptation to the environment or create discomfort and distress, they themselves become stressors and, tend to perpetuate a ‘cycle’ of distress.

Almost any change in the environment- even a pleasant change such as a joyful trip- demands some coping, and a little stress is useful in helping us to adapt.

But beyond some point, stress becomes a ‘distress’.

Having to deal with a different work culture can create stress temporarily.

But if a worker fails to adjust properly conflicts may arise between colleagues or even with officers.


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