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Her Insight will require understanding how these past incidents have shaped and limited her.

Her Insight will require understanding how these past incidents have shaped and limited her.Her Decision will involve a determination to somehow overcome them. This guide brings together smart, creative character-crafting advice from an array of the best writing instructors around, with sections devoted to protagonists, antagonists, supporting players, POV, dialogue, conflict and more.Add it to your resource shelf, and your readers will thank you.” If the character’s Problem instead involves facing some terrifying ordeal, such as combat or tracking down a killer, you’ll want to explore past moments of panic and courage, and key interactions with figures such as parents, teachers, coaches, siblings, teammates—moments in which the character’s notions of strength, loyalty and worth were defined, shaping how he would grow to respond to challenge, danger and authority.

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How can they both dislike and respect one another at the same time? Throughout the novel, Potok uses imagery of eyes, glasses, and other items associated with vision and perception. Discuss several examples, including at least two in which eyes reveal a character’s feelings.

This guest post is by David Corbett, who is the award-winning author of five novels, the story collection Killing Yourself to Survive and the nonfiction work, The Art of Character. , Lajo Egri encourages writers to craft detailed biographies of their characters focusing on three principle areas: physical, psychological and sociological.

I obediently employed this method for my first two novels, only to find it lacking.

Inevitably, I’d end up with a static laundry list of information that helped me .

Just don’t get bogged down in creating backstory for characters who don’t really need it; that’s nothing but an industrious form of writer’s block.

To the greatest extent possible, focus on envisioning scenes that serve a purpose in your story-in-progress, or that reflect meaningfully on the character.Ultimately I discovered the truth to what many writers had told me (but I hadn’t quite believed)—that once the writing started, the characters took on “lives of their own,” taking me in directions I hadn’t anticipated.Now that’s all well and good as long as the characters take you somewhere interesting. Why do you think Potok chose to tell the story from Reuven’s point of view?At times, each father feels threatened by the other’s views. Many critics have written that The Chosen is a distinctly American novel. What narrative advantages does Reuven have over Danny?They argue that the novel’s plot is centered on the concept of the American dream, the ideal that anyone can have the opportunity to become anything. What advantages does Reuven’s limited first-person perspective have over an omniscient third-person perspective? Compare Reb Saunders’s political ideology to David Malter’s.There’s no need to craft these backstory/ biographical scenes into final form.Mere sketches will do, enough to give you a vivid impression of the character.But through seeing the character in these life-defining moments, she becomes palpably more real to These remain our key areas of concern, but instead of just accumulating information, ask: How does my character’s physical, psychological and sociological makeup affect his interactions with others?This forces you to picture the character in scenes, in which this or that element of his personality or past affects how he interacts with the other characters in the story.


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