Chemistry Solving Problems

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Its overall premise might come as something of a surprise to those standing at the dawn of a technological era in which discovery and innovation are the key drivers.

The 76-year-old British-American scientist asserts that “all the major problems in chemistry have been solved.

All the major problems have been solved and there are no more great discoveries to be made.

So says Bernie Bulkin in his book, ‘Solving Chemistry’.

We didn’t know anything about how atoms are arranged in space.

We didn’t have any idea of how to predict what would be the product of reactions.

“People like to think of chemistry as the ‘central science’, and I think that is true in two respects. Physics isn’t nearly solved in the same way because some of its fundamental problems, such as quantum mechanics, are almost at the limits of human understanding.

On the other side, biology is not solved because the problems are so complex.

It is also the story of chemistry in the second half of the 20th century, covering the research that led to the unravelling of chemistry’s remaining major conundrums.

Discussing this progress, Bulkin shows how the discipline has matured from defining itself to making major contributions in the fields of biology, medicine, materials science and the environment.


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