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Are people influenced to believe that what they see on television actually represents an entire race or gender?While watching the evening news and other prime-time television shows, I had the pleasure viewing fifty television commercials.

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The director is easily able to connect to the focused audience making them want to watch it over and over again, creating more success for the commercial.

All in All, through dedication the commercial is titled as one of the most inspiring and most watched ad in 2013.

This is shown by his positive body language and reactions.

The end of the commercial is composed of them going out for a drink after a hard fought, while fun game of basketball.

The Guinness Basketball Commercial exemplifies the aspects of Pathos and Ethos, delivering a inspirational message nationwide through the use of dedication, loyalty, and friendship.

This commercial demonstrates dedication, giving up one’s own time to better off a friend that they care about.

In the video, nine normal men play wheelchair basketball with their friend who is disabled and cannot enjoy the same experiences they are able to.

This is very powerful because you are able to extract the fact that there is not a shot these men would be playing like this if their other friend did not have the ability to walk.

Many people believe that parents are the biggest influence on a child’s perception of other races and genders?

However, does media play a part in how children view other races and genders?


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