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"I applaud those students, but that is not an acceptable solution, and it's tremendously inequitable in providing them an education that's similar to their peers," South said.Reasons for the Homework Gap Some people have attributed the homework gap to the lack of Internet infrastructure in rural and remote areas.

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In order to make NCLB and IDEA more congruent and ensure that funding can flow from both IDEA and NCLB to help struggling learners, it is important that NCLB include explicit language that allows the use of Title I funds for RTI.

: Response to intervention (RTI) is not mandated by federal law or federal regulation.

As of 2014, nearly one quarter of American households still did not have Internet access, according to a March 2016 Issue Brief from the Council of Economic Advisers .

Low-income households are far less likely to have Internet, "with just under half of households in the bottom income quintile using the Internet at home, compared to 95 percent of households in the top quintile," according to the report.

More Terms » : IDEA 2004 encourages schools to begin using a process that determines if a student responds to a "scientific, research-based intervention" as a part of the evaluation procedures to determine which students may have a specific learning disability (SLD) and need special education.

Response to Intervention (RTI) is the most commonly used method among the many multi-tiered intervention systems/methods being used by schools, districts and states.

At the same time, more and more schools have implemented laptops, tablets and online educational resources.

While initiatives such as Connect ED are helping to close the digital divide in the classroom, that divide reopens once the school day is over.

However, Trimble-Oliver soon discovered that they hadn't asked the right question.

"What we're finding is that, even though they answered yes, there was a large percentage who only have access through a smartphone," she said. Or they have a computer in the home, but it's shared amongst five or six family members, so actually getting time on that Internet-enabled computer is difficult in order to complete homework.


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