Creative Descriptive Writing

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Wordle will automatically create a colorful cloud of descriptive English words that you can print out and use to inspire your writing.

Dynamic verbs (sometimes called “fientive verbs”) are used to describe activity and movement.

Like all new things, it simply takes practice…The best way to understand your senses it to use them!

Keeping an English journal is a great way of tracking your experiences, and making notes of new descriptive vocabulary. Could you smell anything else in the cafe, like breakfast cooking? Once you’ve got all the key details, it’s time to start branching out. Does a particular sound remind you of something or somewhere else?

Practicing creative writing exercises is a fun way to improve your grammar and vocabulary without even realizing you’re doing it.

You’ll also be able to appreciate all kinds of fictional texts and impress your friends with your knowledge of English literature.The details should make your reader feel as though they’re stepping inside of a photograph and experiencing it for themselves.Don’t put pressure on yourself to master this skill straight away.By varying our choice of dynamic verb, we now know that John is an aggressive sportsman, and we didn’t need to add any extra words.Folk stories and fairytales are a great place to find useful English dynamic verbs.This is a great exercise for when you’ve got a couple of spare minutes at school or work.In the text box, type out a list of everything you can hear, smell, see, touch and taste in the room around you.It’s one of the most fun and effective ways to learn powerful English the way native speakers actually use what we can identify using our five senses: sight, touch, smell, sound and taste.Take this sentence as an example: John throws the ball.“To throw” is a fairly common dynamic verb.It tells us what action John has done, but doesn’t provide many clues about . The verb “to hurl” means to throw something with great force.


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