Creative Ways To Write A Letter

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You can even tape the sensory bag onto a wall or window to practice letter formation.

Read more about how to create and use a sensory bag to teach letter formation in this older post on sensory handwriting.

Includes an O-ring for storage and a dry-erase pen.

There is also a lower case version of these muscle mover cards that promote optimal letter formation for the lowercase letters of the alphabet.

Writing trays can come in all sorts of themes, sizes, and using all types of mediums.

You can even create a mini-sensory writing tray like we did.Drawing or building letters can have inefficient consequences if kids are just allowed to copy letters inaccurately and without being taught.So often, we see this in those writing tray videos over on Pinterest or Facebook.They are seeing kiddos who form letters incorrectly or don’t know where to even start to teach letters accurately from the beginning.Read on to find 10 creative ways to teach letter formation whether you are starting at the beginning with a young child or are addressing those pesky bad handwriting habits that have resulted in poor letter formation and therefore, legibility.When a child is asked to write with increased speed or in a distracting environment, we may see letters that revert back to those bad habits.Adding sensory activities to letter formation such as writing in soap, shaving cream, or sandpaper can provide the feedback kids need to add just one more cue for formation.So many members of the group question how to teach letter formation.They wonder where to start with teaching kids to write letters or they are challenged by kids who have formed bad habits with letter formation.Using multi-sensory strategies to work on letter formation can help kids remember the proper formation.So often we see strategies that are taught in isolation and then not carried over to the classroom or home.


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