Creativity Classroom Essay

Reflective activities provide students with an opportunity to absorb information more deeply—enhancing their creative and contextual understanding of the content.

When reflective learning exercises are displayed visually in the classroom, they become of benefit not only to those who share them but to every student in your class.

This table would allow students to meet on a need basis without disruptions other students in the class.

Feel free to experiment with different arrangements, but always make sure that your classroom is setup to accommodate for a range of learning activities and work styles.

Within your school term, your students will be working between group projects, completing solo assessments, listening to presentations as well as many other activities.

In order to keep the creativity flowing between these learning set ups, the key is to keep your classroom layout adaptable and allow it to be easily reorganized.A key creativity mindset is that the learning process is never ending.Help students look retrospectively on their own learning processes by filming a video diary throughout the course or year.Challenge yourself to use color in creative and unconventional ways, such as displaying inspiration posters or creating themed “mood” corners.Color can also be an incredibly powerful tool to aid students with absorbing information and learning new content.Avoiding chatter and meaningless conversation can be a difficult task as a teacher.But on the other hand, channeling meaningful discussions can provide students with an arena to express new ideas and voice their opinions.Some other reasons why discussion can be productive include: This could take the shape of a reflective session 10 minutes before the end of a session, or by asking one member of a group to present their ideas to the class.Download the useful list below and place it in your classroom to help guide meaningful conversation: Collaborative working spaces help students see themselves as co-constructors of knowledge, rather than “subjects” of teachers.Having achievements recognized is an important part of the creative learning process.Rewarding achievement visually in your classroom gives students an incentive to continue doing great work as well as gaining a sense of pride.


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