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For the first time there was a scientific theory, which suggested that human beings as well as animals have natural instincts which are merely things passed down through the genetic code.

In , London dwells a great deal on animal instinct, for Buck's ability to listen to his instinct both makes him more and more powerful and draws him more and more deeply towards the wild.

When Buck leads the team into John Thornton's camp, he does not consciously know why he does not get up.

He is as capable of continuing as the other dogs, and he has no desire to be killed.

I have learned that a book is more than a story being told.

It is up to the reader imagination to take then to that magical place.I believe that The Call of the Wild is one of the best books written, because it educate the readers that throughout life you will continue to learn and be thought.In this paper I will explain Social Darwinist and the terms, technique I us to base the true agenda, and agree my thesis represented by quotes from the book. Social Darwinist and terms Jack London writing technique influence his readers to consider Social Darwinist has an outlook on life.Buck survives because he was genetically more suited to that environment than many of the other dogs who were there.He did not need to learn much of anything - the instincts for survival were handed down by his ancestors -- a more poetic version of genetic inheritance.At about this point in the book, we see Buck start to go through a metamorphosis of sorts...Showed first 250 characters He transforms from housedog to a more primitive, savage version of his former self.From these books I have choose to challenge myself to critic The Call of the wild by Jack London.It is an outstanding book that could be a positive feature for fifth grader to college students.London takes the idea even more literally than is necessary.If Buck had remained in Santa Clara, he would not have passed on his genetic traits, for there were no suitable mates available to him.


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