Critical Thinking Math Word Problems

There is so much information available to us in this world that we don't know what is true and what is not.If you are not a member or are having any other problems, please contact customer support.Word problems (or story problems) allow kids to apply what they've learned in math class to real-world situations.These one page maze worksheets have students answer subtracting fraction problems and then use the answers in the numerator or dominator to move Mr.Bunny in the stated direction to find the missing egg. worksheet is an area puzzle where students try to determine if the quadrilateral is a square or not.Students are given five variables (letters) and have to find what numbers they represent.They are given equations as clues and a grid to help solve the unknown variables.This can also be used to practice the process of elimination for test taking skills.This one page worksheet is similar to a crossword puzzle.Another adventure for These one page worksheets cover input-output tables.Students need to find the rules and complete the tables. If you have extras, give more than one to certain students.


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