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In some instances, several Focal Sessions take place at the same time; in other instances, a Focal Session will run at the same time as a Plenary Session (see the 'Plenary Sessions' description below).

In either case, you will be asked to select one session to attend in each time slot.

Focal Sessions are led by Fellows and Visiting Scholars of the Foundation for Critical Thinking.

These sessions are 'Focal' because they focus on the very foundations, or the central ideas, in a rich conception of critical thinking.

These are presentations in which faculty, educational administrators, professionals, government and military instructors and leaders, and advanced students share their experiences in bringing critical thinking into the teaching and learning process, into daily decision-making, and throughout organizations or departments.

Concurrent presenters may share their research in critical thinking, or their developed theory and application of critical thinking.All Concurrent Sessions are expected to be couched in a rich conception of critical thinking.There are typically 4-6 of these sessions scheduled during each Concurrent Session block.As a leader and critical thinking expert in her district, she led professional development and coached K-12 teachers to effectively utilize Paulian theory. Polka is currently a principal at an elementary school, as well as a Doctoral candidate in the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies program at the University of Northern Colorado.She is also a licensed K-12 Special Education teacher. Bankes has played an important leadership role in fostering the Paulian conception of critical thinking in multiple school districts.Each Discussion leader will begin with a 5-10 minute presentation, which will then open into a dialogue among everyone in the circle, with the Roundtable presenter taking a Socratic questioning role in leading the discussion.All Roundtable Discussions are expected to be couched in a rich conception of critical thinking.Focused on transforming education through the implementation of quality instructional practices, Ms.Polka instigated and co-authored the Colorado Academic State Standards targeting research and reasoning based on the Paul-Elder framework.They are essential to living the examined life; therefore, all participants should find them enriching and enlightening.Concurrent Sessions are conducted by conference participants whose presentation proposals have been approved by Fellows of the Foundation for Critical Thinking.


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