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Students learn to make venn diagrams in the earliest years of elementary school.These diagrams are used to compare virtually anything under the sun -- people, places, books, characters, objects, ideas -- and are found in every academic subject.

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This range of graphic organisers consists of three titles which are available separately or as a set (at a discount).

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These maps are particularly useful when following the development of a story or placing historical events in chronological order, which helps students slow down and look at the relationships between important events in a fictional text, plan the order in which events will take place in a piece of original writing, recognize antecedents and results for historical events and make predictions.

Sequencing maps are most often a series of rectangular boxes stacked vertically on a page with arrows pointing between the boxes from top to bottom.

I always get asked, “isn’t critical thinking skills for the teachers and reading specialists? We also have tricks up our sleeves that can help our students grasp these skills. Once students grasp using pictures you can move to paragraph level that is at or below their reading level so you are not working on reading.

If our students can’t comprehend what to do with these types of questions when we take the reading piece out…than it is the language of what is expected of them…and it is our domain! Help them see what is expected, what to do with the language of the picture or text, and how to generate responses. As you can see…I just took a piece of paper and help students look at the image to find facts and things they can prove and even elicit background knowledge. I also like to put it all together on one worksheet and as a print and go using my Inferencing Worksheets Using Real Photos which you can learn about by CLICKING HERE.

In addition to providing space to record the title and author of the book, story maps are structured to follow the arc of a story.

Students will generally record the inciting incident, rising action, climax and falling action of the story.

In the center, where the circles overlap, shared characteristics are listed.

In the outer halves, students list the characteristics which make the topic unique.


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