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What is not so obvious is that the playwright is setting up two different models of evil.

He shows us what people take it to be, and then demonstrates that they have got it largely wrong.

Moreover, the authorities of Salem were afraid of losing authorities and power.

For example, the judges, Governor Danforth and Ezekiel Cheever didn't want to admit that they were being fooled by a bunch of girls so they insisted that witchcraft existed in the town of Salem.

Within a blink of an eye, the entire village is controlled by a devil that exists within the fear of each person.

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A drama of suspense and impact, Arthur Miller's The Crucible, explores through the individuals' vengeance, fear, reputation, and quest for power. The people of the town of Salem were not united, but instead, distrusted and disliked each other.

In the old days, children were considered unimportant.

They weren't allowed to speak until given permission to, and they didn't make important decisions at all.

She believed that if his wife, Elizabeth Proctor, was out of the way, Abigail and John would be together again.

Therefore, she told everyone that Elizabeth's spirit was trying to kill her and accused Elizabeth of being a witch.


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