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This can be a good idea if it adds an important dimension to their application or makes up for lackluster letters from teachers and counselors who don't know them well.

In most circumstances, extra material tends to be discouraged, or admissions officers might prefer that the additional letter come from a coach, boss, or other supervisory person.

The best rec letters aren't written in a day, and it's definitely a good idea to consult a guide like this, rather than just winging it.

Let's break down the steps to writing a great peer recommendation, starting with brainstorming.

This guide will break down the content and structure of peer reference letters so you can help get your bestie into the college of her dreams (which is probably Dartmouth or Davidson, the only colleges I currently know of that require peer evaluations).

First, here is your mission, since you've chosen to accept it.The reason for this is that the best recommendation letters are focused and specific.They highlight the most important strengths and impressive qualities in the applicants. How about encouraging, mature, energetic, insightful, or brilliant?So your friend/sibling/classmate wants you to write her a peer recommendation.Being the awesome friend/sibling/classmate that you are, you've not only agreed to write the letter, but you plan to write the BEST recommendation letter of all time. ), what else do you need to write an outstanding peer recommendation?Then figure out how you can both complement and add further dimension to her story.Once you have your list, try to narrow it down to the three or four qualities that best characterize your friend.Davidson is also quite selective and chooses highly academically driven students.However, the peer recommendation isn't really meant to rave about a peer's academic abilities.This is just one example of her kind and loving spirit and drive to make everyone feel connected and included.The first is fine, but it doesn't do much to differentiate Anna from other applicants whose friends speak of their kind and caring nature.


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