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Readers read to get information from the printed pages.

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Rohani Ariffin (1992:1) in her book entitled Anthropology of Poetry for Young People defines reading as a highly personal activity that is mainly done silently, alone.

There is a clear understanding that reading is something related to the activity of acquiring information and it is done either silently or aloud.

Since reading is very important in learning second language, a great effort has been given to develop reading skill.

Although many ways have been promoted in order to improve reading skill among students, reading is still something that is seems problematic. These problems occurred because according to Noormah (2000) the students are lacking of vocabulary, hardly understand the words and less interest to English subject.

This study will be focusing on the students of a tertiary level.

Students of tertiary level are different from students of a secondary school in reading purpose.

Besides all the definitions from the dictionary there are also definitions made by several people.

According to William (1984), he defines reading as a process whereby one looks at and understands what has been written.

Besides that, there are also several factors contributing to the diffident of this particular skill.

Based on Sivaguru (2000) those factors are home, school and social environment.


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