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How you fill in the form may influence the actions of others who read it -- and will be what you decide is pertinent information for this group. Example: The committee's suggested style is something I have never heard of, and don't think makes much sense. which they might have used at one time or another during their life: Mr., Ms., Mrs., or Dr.; Excellency, Honorable or Reverend; Senator, Judge, Admiral, General, Captain, or Commissioner; and B. The deceased don't hold ranks anymore (those holding a rank have their rank Below are other topics covered in my blog and at right is a list of officials, Between the two I probably have what you are looking for. I can only imagine how difficult it is for you to deal with this. The committee recommends putting the living person’s name first, following by the deceased spouse. They are used in conversation, on an envelope, on letter's address block or salutation, or on a place card. I don't know anything about the context of where you are writing this name ... here is a precedent: when the US military writes the name of a deceased person on a tombstone they write their name and then list the rank held and branch of service after their name.We use cookies and other technologies to customize your experience, perform analytics and deliver personalized advertising on our sites, apps and newsletters and across the Internet based on your interests.

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Unfortunately, one of our committee members passed away this year but we would still like to list him in the program. Should we take his name off the Honorary Members List, or include his name as I need your help. Hickey: I have a quick question that I am hoping you might be able to answer. Regretfully, one of the individuals passed away about a week ago.

Supreme Court Associate Justice of a State Supreme Court Astronaut Attorney Attorney General Attorney General, Assistant Attorney, U. Australian Officials Awards, Police Chief Police Officer Pope, Catholic Pope, Coptic Postmaster General Post-Nominal Abbreviations Presbyter, Orthodox President, corporate President of College or University President of a Secondary School President of a US State Assembly President We have a committee celebrating our 100th birthday. At our local nonprofit a deceased gentleman was named an honorary member years ago because of a significant gift he made.

The Chief of Police (COP) is the highest-ranking officer in the Police Department.

As a General Manager of the Police Department, the COP is responsible for the planning, efficient administration and operation of the Police Department under the authority of the Board of Police Commissioners.

I have been requested to submit, in writing, how I would like my contribution to be listed under "Name/Family Names". If you were to have a biographical text of authors somewhere in the program, you could include the span of years she lived -- Cathy Smith (1932-2010) -- if you thought it was important that the readers have this information. I am pretty fast at sending a reply: usually the next day (unless I am traveling.) If I think your question is of interest to others, I will post the question & answer – with your name and any personal specifics changed.

Listing will have someone eventually come up to you and ask about each of them. There have been times I've asked a question & I wished I had known enough not to ask the question ... Listing only A "Special Tribute Book", is being put together to commemorate our Rabbi's 25th Anniversary. He's been a blessing to me, from the moment his Dad brought him into my life, fifty-seven years ago! If you are honoring the founding parishioners -- I would list their names without reference to whether the are alive or dead: they were alive when they were founding to the parish! E.g, in programs listing works by Mozart or Brahms -- it is not noted they are deceased. After hunting around a bit, if you don't see your question answered send me an e-mail.

They followed a girl who wondered why Santa Claus wouldn’t bring Daddy home.

They kept the sheriff looking over his shoulder, even in the shower, and they told him his deputies needed bigger guns.

It is possible to move from division to division, and to learn new skills on the job.

The first promotion available to Officers is to either become a Detective, or move into the investigative branch, or to become a Sergeant and move into field supervision.


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