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It doesn’t do any good to build a feature that doesn’t actually solve the problem, so it’s important to detail what problems you need to ensure the solution your team creates addresses them.

Problems should either be existing problems your product has (especially if you’re iterating on an existing feature) or the problems related to the use cases you just described above.

When I’ve had multiple KPIs for a feature they’ve been things like: You will fail sometimes, but by forcing yourself to quantify what you expect to happen, you will keep you and your team honest.

By setting a number that you must hit you can also know when you should go back and iterate.

Ever been handed a 10 page product spec that no one wants to read? Tired of struggling to communicate what needs built next to your designers and engineers so they really understand the who, what, when, where, why of the next feature you need?

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I’ve been using customer development, analytics, and information from my team to learn to build the right thing for years, but I always struggled communicating all the information locked in my head to the rest of the team.

The biggest crime product managers can commit against their team and their profession is to make up answers to critical decisions. If you don’t know the answer to one of the sections in the Thesis, go find out.

Dive into your analytics, talk to customers, run a survey, talk to your sales/account management/support teams that interact with customers regularly.

What you choose to build affects your company’s bottom line, their standing in the market, and what your team thinks of your judgment.

Use this area to concisely present your case for why this is the most important thing to work on right now.


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