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This is where sociologist criticizes the biological determinism theory.

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Biological determinists therefore believe that men in the society are dominant because they are intrinsically more aggressive and rational than women.

According to this theory, biologically inheritable material and not the surrounding environment determine division in the society (Carolan, 2005).

Experiments done by Raine et al (1997) focused in the abnormalities found in the brain of murderers.

Raine et al (1997) tried to find determine the common factor in murderers who had put a plea of not guilty by virtue of insanity.

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In the experiments, Raine et al (1997) looked at the PET scans of murderers and observed their cortical and sub-cortical brains.

This experiment aimed to determine whether having brain dysfunction and abnormalities like schizophrenia are linked to the violent behaviours exhibited by the murderers.

Charles Darwin proposed heritable characteristics are determined through natural selection.

Darwin was of the opinion that an individual would inherit the optimal characteristics that would ensure his survival or have a reproductive advantage.


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