Eliza Doolittle Pygmalion Essay

Because Higgins only ever charts "Visible Speech," it makes him liable to forget that there are other aspects to human beings that can also grow.

"Through the concept of "Visible Speech," Shaw hits on the two aspects of theater that can make the greatest impression on an audience: sight and sound.

Therefore, the transformation of Eliza Doolittle is most marked and obvious on these two scales.

In other words, the character of Eliza Doolittle comes across as being much more instrumental than fundamental.

The real (re-)making of Eliza Doolittle happens after the ambassador's party, when she decides to make a statement for her own dignity against Higgins' insensitive treatment.

She even uses the word ''bloddy'' when Freddy asks her if she would like to walk across the park.

Pigmarion and society at the time In this article, I will explain the representative of Edward society at Pygmalion of the show.

The stage direction says "[h]is cheerful, careless, vigorous voice [shows] that he is incorrigible" (132), demonstrating his lack of remorse for his behavior and treatment of other people regardless of social class.

In ''Pygmalion'', Henry Higgins is Shaw's pygmalion and Eliza Doolittle is his Galatea.

She is a ''squashed cabbage leaf'' as professor Higgins describes her.

Shaw also presents other instruments in the process of transforming Eliza. Pearce informs that the visitor(Eliza) has a horrible dialect, Higgins takes it as an opportunity to show Pickering how he makes records, ''we'll set her talking; and I'll take it down first in Bell's visible Speech; then in broad Romic; and then we'll get her on the phonograph'' as he explains it to Pickering.


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