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When we think about how and why we choose food, we must consider the things food represents. Narrative Essay Prompt: Besides to satisfy hunger, what is 1 other way you use food?

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MLA format required, 2-3 pages, due at the beginning of class MLA FORMAT (Hacker 412) INTRODUCTION hooks the reader, uses 1/6 strategies (Anatomy of an Essay Handout) STRONG THESIS, an easily identifiable, arguable statement relevant to the essay topic (lecture notes, Hacker 67) SENSORY DESCRIPTION abundant, 5 senses, and comparisons help the reader to understand the significance of the author’s experience (lecture notes and class activity) SENTENCE CONSTRUCTION uses proper grammar and punctuation.

(Hacker 93-119) PARAGRAPHS one idea per paragraph (Hacker 24-26, 70-71, S-E-E paragraph handout) WORD choice is effective and considers the audience while demonstrating a range in vocabulary. Uses 1/5 strategies (Anatomy of an Essay Handout) CAREFUL PROOFREADING results in a paper free of distracting errors and typos. ) (Hacker 23) Process: (Hacker 3-21) Process: (Hacker 3-16) Participate in class description activity and Meal of an Essay lecture. Write your essay and re-adjust your thesis as you discover more. How can the thesis be more specific, clear, and/ or arguable?

Out of the body paragraphs, #____supports my thesis best because…

Out of the 5 conclusions on The Meal of an Essay handout, I chose___________ because….

For your first essay however, we will focus on the essay form.

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Assignment meets Cabrillo Core Competency 1) Communication, 2) Critical Thinking and Information Competency, 4) Personal Responsibility and Professional Development, and English 100 Student Learning Outcome 1) write essays demonstrating sustained clarity of intention, awareness of audience, and various writing techniques. Brainstorm, cluster, list, pre-write about the prompt. Perhaps keep a food diary for 1 day and see what you notice. Look over the above criteria and make sure that you have included each of them. Print out 1 copy of your paper and read it aloud to catch errors. SENSORY DESCRIPTION Write your favorite description. Mark in the text where more description would help the reader. You can circle or underline areas that lack clarity. Make corrections, print out 3 complete copies, and bring all of them to class on ___________________, due at the beginning of class. Bring 1 final copy to class for a grade ______________ due at the beginning of class. A narrative essay relies primarily on your own experiences as examples and evidence to support your thesis. Essay #1 Workshop Worksheet MLA FORMAT check format and circle any errors and questions for the author. Later, we will discuss how to find and evaluate research, and we will apply this to future essays and research papers. Below, we have compiled a list of common English usage problems that can ... Eating English 100 Essay 1 Reflection Please think carefully about the following questions and type up your responses in MLA format on a separate sheet of paper 1. In writing Essay 1, we’ll have plenty to do as we explore the personal, social, and cultural roles of food. How can the thesis be more specific, clear, and/ or arguable? The understanding we gain will help us as we move forward examining how our food choices affect consumers, producers, workers, immigration, animals, environment, government, education, corporations, oil dependency, and more! SENSORY DESCRIPTION Write your favorite description. Mark in the text where more description would help the reader. You can circle or underline areas that lack clarity. Writing you’ve already done in preparation for Essay 1 (you might want to review these before you begin) Favorite Food 1-2 pages Response to A Cook’s Tour, Chapter 1 (Portugal) In class sour bear, tamari seed, chocolate description exercise Response to ACT, Chapter 6 (Russia) Response to ACT, Chapter 3 (Viet Nam) Paragraph about how you feel, physically and emotionally, before you eat Response to 30 Days episode, Muslims and America All of your Reflections and Connections S-E-E paragraph outline due at the beginning of class on_______ _______ Completed Essay Workshop Date _________________________________ Revised Essay due at the beginning of class on_______________________ English 100 Essay #1 For your first 100 essay, I ask you to think about and examine your own experiences in the world we live in. spell out numbers when you use these abbreviations, and do not use such phrases. language is to master its rules and apply them accordingly in your everyday ....


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