English As A Universal Medium Of Communication Essay

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But not only those, the flux of innovations, information and people also reaches a higher level everyday.

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According to David Graddol1, there will be two billion people speaking or learning English within a decade.

For The Economist2 English is the language of globalization, among other nouns.

It is also exposed the practical use of the English language in the everyday of the human being wherever around the world.

The method used for the production of this study was the thorough examination of articles, e-books and websites linked to the issue.

In the next year it was adopted permanent rules: Resolution 173 (II).

In 1983 the Security Council also recognized English, among others, as the working languages.7 INTERPOL, another world know International Organization uses the English, among other three languages, as it's official language to issue notices.

The environment most certainly shows that the world is wrapped in itself.

If a disaster happens on one side of the Globe, most certainly it will reverberate on another side.

Such views today are easier to see when we talk about the El Niño.5 As the slogan says: act locally, think globally, the introduction of the notion of solidarity questions the economic power when discussions come to environmental problems.

The almost synchronized creation of the Green Parties in Europe, and around the world afterwards, shows that the values of humanity tend to be the same.


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