English Language And Gender Essay

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is a well-known idiom, but how accurate is this linguistically?

In this essay, I will discuss possible differences in assertiveness in the English language between speakers of different genders, with a focus on societal gender norms.

Furthermore, these studies often focus only on gender difference, not similarities, as well as portraying women as a deviation from the linguistic norm, the masculine way of speaking - something I will explore later on in this essay.

The latter is exemplified by Goddard and Patterson (2000): (1922) (…) His chapter on sex differences in language speaks volumes by its title: ‘The Woman’.

This assumption has led to the belief that women’s speech should be corrected with tools such as assertiveness therapy to resemble the ‘norm’, masculine speech.

This stereotype further enforces the notion of inherent linguistic gender differences, even though its base presumption is nothing more than that - a stereotype.Language and Gender There are two different types of Language and Gender questions you could be asked about: representations of gender and gender in action.For instance, magazine articles, adverts and books all include like.To conclude, I do not see there being inherent differences in the assertiveness between the sexes.Years of cultural conditioning to societal roles has led the populace to believe that “(…) gender is difference, and difference is static, bipolar and categorical” (Crawford, 1995: 1).It's the perception of a gender difference, not a real gender difference.Transcripts, however, will show you how gender differences affect language (unless they are faked, be careful! of women: relating or belonging to women or girls 2.Before discussing these subjects, however, it is important to make a distinction between gender and sex: as Crawford puts it, gender is defined as a “(…) complex system of classification and societal control operating at social structural, interactional, and individual levels” (Crawford, 1995: ix).This definition can be considered the basis of the discussion on gender differences, as it highlights how gender, as perceived based on societal norms and expectations, is separate from sex, a biological difference between male and female individuals.While this still holds true, I would like to emphasize that differences in speech between the two dichotomized genders are still very much visible and existent - to say otherwise would be distorting the truth.Even though these differences are social constructs, they should be recognized for what they are, before one can decide on doing something to change their course.


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