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Sign up now to get early access to our platform and get guidance applying to college!When taking the ACT essay section, students have 45 minutes to write a well-reasoned argumentative essay about a given prompt.

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For example, it may ask for arguments for an against, or it may say you should draw on your own experience, or it may ask for two recommendations to deal with a certain issue.

Usually there are several requirements and you need make sure you include all of them. Think about the style which is appropriate for that audience - formal, informal, neutral, polemical etc. Make a plan identifying a clear purpose for each paragraph and what points you want to include in each. Best wishes, Peter The Learn English Team Hello dalaf, An essay is a formal piece of writing which presents and develops an argument on a particular topic.

'to' and 'for' both have so many different uses (follow the links and you'll see what I mean) that it's not possible to summarise them in general.

If there's a specific situation you want to ask about, perhaps we can help more, so please don't hesitate to ask us if so.

For example, for IELTS candidates we provide sample answers to essay questions so they can be clear on what is expected and required (see this page for academic writing and this page for general English writing). Allow some time for planning, some time for writing and some time for checking and proofreading.

Think about whether you have time to write a rough draft or not. Exam questions will usually contain several requirements and you need to address all of these.But there is a whole language out there full of words that are sure to impress your English teacher!Teachers grow tired of reading commonplace words like “good” “says” and “thinks” in essay after essay!All the best, Kirk The Learn English Team Dear Learn English team, I have read the linking expression "in the other hand" instead of "on the other hand" and I would like to know if it is proper to use "in the other hand" in some situations and "on the other hand" in others.Thanks, Eduardo Hello ehernandez07, The linking expression is 'on the other hand'.We only use 'in the other hand' with a literal physical meaning - to describe what a person is holding in their other hand after saying what they have in their first hand!Best wishes, Peter The Learn English Team Hello, i`m new here.Think about how to link your points using logical linking devices such as 'however', 'although', 'in addition' and so on. After you finish writing, read it carefully to check that you have included all of the required information. could you please guide me how i can write a good essay and what approach i should follow to do best in that exam in one month.Hello roul, It's very hard to give you very much advice as essays vary a great deal in style and content.


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